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Java/Spring Starter Bundle

This bundle allows you to boost your web application development in Angular + Java stack. Starter Java Backend Bundle features extension of other starter bundles by adding Refresh Token functionality and integration tests. It's more than you need to successfully start full-stack development in Java/Angular, saving you a significant amount of time and efforts.

New Features

  • Angular 8, latest ngx-admin and Nebular 4.1.2
  • user component improved
  • roles checking improved
  • refresh token implemented
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Starter Pack
6 Months Free Updates
Running instructions and code documentation
JWT Authentication setup for UI and Backend
Create multiple End Products using Bundle
Bug fixes and questions according to license terms
6 Months free updates
Saves $21,000+
Release: May 2019
Update: May 2019
Base Documentation included

Choose your bundle

Angular and Spring Java
Spring Boot, Maven, Spring Data
Public and JWT secured API endpoints
Refresh JWT Token Functionality
Auth/Register/Password recovery forms and APIs
Profile page CRUD
Minimal Dependencies, Reduced size and Improved Compilation time
Ecommerce dashboard components integrated with backend
Sample order table and order details page integrated with backend
IOT dashboard components integrated with backend
Sample devices table and device details page integrated with backend
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Light Set
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Starter Pack
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E-Commerce Kit
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IoT dashboard


This bundle allows you to boost your web application development. By purchasing it you get Angular application integrated with backend technology of your choice. While most of templates available on the market offer only dashboards and UI components with fake data or jQuery animations, our solution contains better frameworks and UI architecture ready to be extended and build tools to save you tons of time.

UI Based on ngx-admin

ngx-admin is the leading free and open source Angular dashboard template trusted by thousands of developers. Initially developed when Angular 2 was in alpha, ngx-admin is constantly updated and maintained by its creators. Since then it helped hundreds of businesses to run their back office interfaces using it. You know you're in a good company when you choose ngx-admin bundle.


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Spring Boot
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Spring Data
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Model Mapper
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ESLint and Findbugs plugins

What is actually delivered to you?

After purchasing you will receive archive with code and instructions,
it contains full backend solution code, solution file, projects, c# classes, configuration. As well as the client-side code of Angular front-end written in typescript.

What multi-application provides?

  • You will be able to use it in more than one commercial projects
  • One Year of bug fixes by request in case of critical bugs, which makes usage of bundle impossible
  • Support for questions, how to modify code, deployment support and other requests (up to 8 hours of dedicated support per client)

Designed for developers

A rare combination of well structured code, bug-free functionality and beautiful UI. Don't miss your chance to start your next hassle-free web application development.