Angular Node.js MongoDB E-Commerce Dashboard

Angular Node.js MongoDB E-Commerce Dashboard

Angular Node.js MongoDB E-Commerce Dashboard Template by Akveo Store

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Release: February 2019
3 months updates
Support for Multi Application License
Update: February 2020
Saves $21,000+

Full ECommerce bundle with Node.js Backend helps you to speed up development of dashboard with ECommerce related metrics, Orders management, aggregations of order values and counts and so on.

This bundle features JWT Authentication for both UI and Backend and Basic User Management as well. The dashboard is based on Angular ngx-admin, Express REST API, MongoDB, and other popular and useful technologies. 


This bundle allows you to boost your web application development. By purchasing this bundle you get already working solution with the functional backend. Start adding new entities and components, using existing code as a sample, and step by step come to the application you have in mind.


  • ECommerce dashboard of ngx-admin integrated with backend API services and MongoDB
  • Node.JS and Express server
  • Authentication using Passport and JWT tokens is implemented and integrated with both client and server side
  • Code quality under the hood - a client is set up as part of Angular project settings, it simply wouldn't let you push typescript code with errors
  • Eslint for code quality on the backend side
  • Backend solution feature based architecture
  • Winston is used for logging
  • Node-config is used for API settings
  • Nodemon is used for better development experience
  • Documentation is included
  • Basic role management and ACL is in place

  • Swagger included for automatic API testing and documentation

  • 6 months free updates

There are 4 Angular templates in the ngx-admin

1. Cosmic Template


2. Light Template


3. Dark Template


4. Corporate template


    What developer license gives?

    • You will be able to use it in more than one commercial projects
    • Bug fixes during 1 year from purchase date

    Choose your bundle 

    What difference between Light Bundle, Starter & E-Com/IoT?

    Light Bundle suitable If you need an empty admin dashboard without extra components and charts, and you don't want to waste time removing them.

    The Starter Bundle has Components and Charts with no backend integration, while Authorization and User Data Editing have backend integration.

    Charts on dashboard integrated with backend just in E-commerce and IoT bundles.

    Check the Demo to see the difference






    Angular and backend projects





    ORM and database integration





    Public and JWT secured API endpoints




    Auth/Register/Password recovery forms and APIs





    Profile page CRUD

    Minimal Dependencies, Reduced size and Improved Compilation time

    Ecommerce dashboard components integrated with backend

    Sample order table and order details page integrated with backend

    IOT dashboard components integrated with backend


    What is actually delivered to you?

    After purchasing you will receive archive with code and instructions, it contains full backend JS code, package.json file and installation instructions file to help you start. As well as the client-side code of Angular front-end written in typescript.