What license to choose?

If you want to create many applications for sale and you need support, then a developer license is suitable for you, otherwise you can choose a personal license.


What Angular version is used in frontend?

We use Angular 8 and Nebular 4.1.2 in frontend application


What I need to do before starting bundle solution locally for .NET bundle?

  1. put connection string to appsetting.json or web.config,
  2. make sure environment.ts contains correct URL to your local api including port


How I can report issue?

Please post any issues at our GitHub issue tracker 



What is the main difference between Starter Bundle and Full Bundle?

The difference is, that Dashboard bundle contains actual data integration on UI,  data models and repositories for data in backend - Entity Framework data models, aggregations for charts in UI and so on. Starter bundle contains just minimal data binding for authentication (JWT token) and user profile page.


Why I could need commercial version of bundle and what’s the difference?

According to our licenses and terms of usage, with commercial version you can use bundle for commercial purposes and also you will get right to receive support and bug fixes during the first year since purchase date.


What I need to change before production usage?

Generate personal secret key for JWT Auth and out it into appsetting.json or web.config, setup proper CORS policy in BaseStartup.cs or in configuration file if needed it, setup proper API URL in environment.prod.ts

How I can generate secret ket for JWT auth?

Please use code sample from our documentation for .net bundle, or this resource 


What is used to access data in the backend for .NET bundle?

We used Entity Framework 6.2 (or EntityFrameworkCore 2.1 for .NET Core) for data access. But you can easily replace it by adding your own repository with ORM of your choice

What kind of data base is used in bundle backend of .NET Core?

Currently SQL Server data base is used, but you can use any other data base provider by changing code inside ContainerExtension. Change UseSqlServer to any other provider.


How ngx-admin front-end communicates with backend?

Ngx-admin frontend uses https calls to get or post data, backend is built as REST API.

What is suggested IDE to develop new features for .NET backend bundle?

For .NET (or .NET Core) bundle You can use either MS Visual Studio (15+ version), or Jet Brains Rider. Basically, anything which works with .NET backend. If you would like to work on UI part separately, you can use any other IDE which is suitable for typescript development (WebStorm, Visual Studio Code).

What is actual output which I get after purchasing product?

After purchasing backend bundle you will receive zip archive with code, which you can unpack, correct connection string and run locally

Do you have any documentation in public access?

As for now, we supply documentation as part of deliverable archive. It contains basic solution info and startup instructions. We are working to add more useful documentation for the next releases.

Do you offer support if I buy bundle?

We offer support and bug fixes for one year period for commercial licenses. Also every customer gets right for free updates for 6 month duration.

Refund policy

All bundle features described on the bundle landing page description. If a feature is not declared in the description of the bundle, means that the bundle does not contain this feature. The fact that the customer expects to see a feature in the bundle, but does not find it in the description and bundle, is not a basis for a refund.

Buying a bundle you agree to the store terms and conditions and the fact that the purchase is not refundable.

Customer can check code samples and bundle demo of the bundle before purchase.