Common questions

Does the chat interface has backend controllers?

No, the chat is not integrated with backend controllers.

What happens after 3 month when my supports expitres. Can I extend it?

Support expires after 3 months of purchase date, it means that updates (bug fixes, enhancemnets) can't be no longer received. The support can be extended by buying updates.

I'd like to know more about the license. Will you be giving a license key after i purchase the bundle? If so, do i need to input the key somewhere in my code before i can run the application?
Also, does the key have an expiration date?

We do not provide a license key, you will receive an email with download link to get your bundle.
Bundle has 3 months of support (updates, enhancements, bug fixes).

Do you update your bundles to Angular 9?

Yes, the bundles are updated to Angular 9.

At present, we have the basic code in the git repository, created a branch and applied our changes to the branch. We would like to know your suggestions on how to do the upgrade?
We provide bundle updates in an archive where you can find a changelog with all updates but we do not specify which files were modified. I would recommend you create a new branch and copy all files from the updated package to new branch directory then make a diff with your needed branch and compare all changes with your code.

Looking to build an app that uses google maps. I am looking for an angular template with a node backend. I need an angular dashboard that has google maps. Do you have any product like this?
Yes, you can use Node Starter Bundle or Ecommerce as well as IoT bundle. Here is an example (without back end).

Where can I find the bundle instructions?
For the bundles Java, Node, Nest: Backend instruction is an instruction.md file that placed in the root of the "backend" directory, frontend instruction is an instruction.md file that placed in the root of the "frontend" directory. For the other bundles: instructions are placed inside "licenses" folder.

How can I delete user?
To delete user, you need to be authorized as admin (username: admin@admin.admin, password: !2e4S). On the user grid you will see a "delete" icon.

How can I add user?
To add user, you need to be authorized as admin (username: admin@admin.admin, password: !2e4S). Under the user grid you will see a "create" button.

Will there any tutorial on how to connect to front end?
Yes. Frontend instruction is an instruction.md file that placed in the root of the "frontend" directory.

How structured the backend is and is it easy to implement?
We have tried to make bundle's code understandable (clear) for the novice as well as a developer with experience and we were guided by best practices in code writing.

Will the backend have the whole design to connect to the pages(front-end)?
It depends on the bundle type. For now, we have Starter, Light, Ecommerce, IoT. Explore the demo to see the difference between bundles.

Could you please provide code samples?
Sure, look through this link.

Is Single Sign On supported?
No, it is not included in the bundle. But our Nebular auth module supports this feature.

What should I know before buying the bundle?
Do you familiar with Angular (https://angular.io/) ?
For our frontend we use ngx-admin (https://github.com/akveo/ngx-admin). Ngx-admin the most popular admin dashboard based on Angular 9+, Bootstrap 4+ and Nebular(https://akveo.github.io/nebular) with Eva Design System support.
Ngx-admin is an ordinary application written in Angular with a common structure accepted in the Angular community.
If you don’t familiar with Angular we would recommend you to start with angular tutorial (https://angular.io/tutorial). The tutorial provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Angular. Angular is a great javascript framework by which you can write a scalable, good structure application.

Can I upgrade my personal license?
Yes, to do that write directly to store.support@akveo.com.

Do you have a bundle that has ASP with Partial Views?
No, we don't have such a bundle.

How can I share my template with another user?
You need to use Centralized Version Control Systems (CVCSs). You can deploy it locally and prevent access from outside or use third-party services like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket to host your code in the web.

What does it mean 8 hours of support included?

It means that our development team will provide bug fixes, enhancements to your bundle. Attention: support hours do not include new feature development or custom development.

Do code samples show all functionality?

Our code samples don't represent all functionality, they serve as an example of a code arrangement.
For example, the eCommerce Node bundle has client validation, particularly user profile page contains validation on required and max/min length.

Do you have any step by step documentation on how to deploy this on google cloud or any other cloud?
Our application is similar to other applications, so we can just recommend finding the best solution via Google. We can take a look through the internet for you, but sometimes our option doesn't feet the client needs.

I found a couple of code errors - which I fixed locally. Is there a system to report errors and fixes?
Yes, sure, you can create issue and add fix here.

Our backend is firebase. and we want to connect it to the template, how can we do that?
The bundle doesn't have such a functionality out-of-the-box. You need to find solution via Google.

Can I add custom components like google components or other bootstrap items?
Yes, our template is the same as usual Angular app.

If it is not possible to share the light/dark ui, can i make the change myself.. it is easy to change from material design to nebular design?
Yes, it is possible, but we don't have such a documentation.

I want to use layouts/sidebar/layout direction that supports RTL/LTR. How do i get it?
Yes, it is possible to have RTL/LTR support. Check the docs.

I'd like to know the code-quality of the bundle, maybe a screenshot of the project in general?
Sure, to find screenshot with bundle structure open the bundle you like most and scroll down the page to the screenshot. About code quality: we have tried to make bundle's code understandable (clear) for the novice as well as a developer with experience and we were guided by best practices in code writing.

Does the bandle has the connection using facebook or git is icluded?
We use OAuth2 local strategy out of box. You can change default strategy to github, facebook or another social network and configure it for your purposes.

For why do I need Light Bundle?
If I need an empty admin dashboard without extra components and charts, and I don't want to waste time removing them.

What difference between Light Bundle, Starter Bundle & E-Com/IoT?
Starter Bundle have already contained components and charts, but without integration with backend.
There is a backend integration in the  Starter Bundle for authorization, changing data about the current user. 
Charts on dashboards integrated with backend just in E-commerce and IoT bundles. E-com/IoT bundles contain sample order table and order details page integrated with backend as well. 

What license to choose?
If you want to create many applications for sale and you need support, then a developer license is suitable for you, otherwise you can choose a personal license.

What Angular version is used in frontend?
We use Angular 9 and Nebular 5 in frontend application.

What I need to do before starting bundle solution locally for .NET bundle?

  1. put connection string to appsetting.json or web.config,
  2. make sure environment.ts contains correct URL to your local api including port

How I can report issue?
Please post any issues at our GitHub issue tracker 

What is the main difference between Starter Bundle and Full Bundle?

The difference is, that Dashboard bundle contains actual data integration on UI,  data models and repositories for data in backend - Entity Framework data models, aggregations for charts in UI and so on. Starter bundle contains just minimal data binding for authentication (JWT token) and user profile page. 

Why I could need commercial version of bundle and what’s the difference?

According to our licenses and terms of usage, with commercial version you can use bundle for commercial purposes and also you will get right to receive support and bug fixes during the first year since purchase date.

What I need to change before production usage?
Generate personal secret key for JWT Auth and out it into appsetting.json or web.config, setup proper CORS policy in BaseStartup.cs or in configuration file if needed it, setup proper API URL in environment.prod.ts

How I can generate secret ket for JWT auth?
Please use code sample from our documentation for .net bundle, or this resource https://mkjwk.org/

What is used to access data in the backend for .NET bundle?
We used Entity Framework 6.2 (or EntityFrameworkCore 2.1 for .NET Core) for data access. But you can easily replace it by adding your own repository with ORM of your choice

What kind of data base is used in bundle backend of .NET Core?
Currently SQL Server data base is used, but you can use any other data base provider by changing code inside ContainerExtension. Change UseSqlServer to any other provider.

How ngx-admin front-end communicates with backend?

Ngx-admin frontend uses https calls to get or post data, backend is built as REST API.

What is suggested IDE to develop new features for .NET backend bundle?

For .NET (or .NET Core) bundle You can use either MS Visual Studio (15+ version), or Jet Brains Rider. Basically, anything which works with .NET backend. If you would like to work on UI part separately, you can use any other IDE which is suitable for typescript development (WebStorm, Visual Studio Code).

What is actual output which I get after purchasing product?

After purchasing backend bundle you will receive zip archive with code, which you can unpack, correct connection string and run locally

Do you have any documentation in public access?

As for now, we supply documentation as part of deliverable archive. It contains basic solution info and startup instructions. We are working to add more useful documentation for the next releases.

Do you offer support if I buy bundle?

We offer support and bug fixes for one year period for commercial licenses. Also every customer gets right for free updates for 6 month duration.

Refund policy
All bundle features described on the bundle landing page description. If a feature is not declared in the description of the bundle, means that the bundle does not contain this feature. The fact that the customer expects to see a feature in the bundle, but does not find it in the description and bundle, is not a basis for a refund.
Buying a bundle you agree to the store terms and conditions and the fact that the purchase is not refundable.

Customer can check code samples and bundle demo of the bundle before purchase.

Django Bundle

Do you have version with horizontal menus?

For now, we have only a vertical menu. The horizontal menu is not planned to be released in the distant future.

.Net Core Bundle

Do you have .net Core 3.1.2 ASP roles (claims management page)?

No, the bundle doesn't have it. But you can edit the roal manually in the data base. 

I can't connect to a database, can you send me a more detailed installation manual please?

"At first, you should specify a connection string to your database. Open 'appsettings.json' file inside 'Common.WebApiCore' folder. put your connection string, you should get something like this:
"ConnectionStrings": {
    "localDb": "Data Source=yourDbServerNameOrPath;Initial Catalog=localDb;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30;Encrypt=False;TrustServerCertificate=True;ApplicationIntent=ReadWrite;MultiSubnetFailover=False"
Please check, that connection string should be specified only in one of setting files: open 'appsettings.Development.json' and delete section "ConnectionStrings" if it exists".

I was hoping to develop completely on the Mac, but the API doesn't seem to run properly using your instructions. Are there additional instructions for running this completely on the Mac?

First of all, I recommend installing the Visual Studio Code to work with .Net Core.
The following step is to install mssql. We can just suggest using docker container. In our opinion, it is the best way to install mssql on Mac OS.

Is Serilog is used for logging?

Yes. Serilog is implemented only in Ecommerce, IoT.

Are unit tests included?

Yes. Only Ecommerce Net Framework bundle has unit tests.

Does .Net Core bundle come with async implemenation?

Yes, async implementation is included.

Do you have a component for a file uploader?


I need a more detailed installation manual with a SQL Server database.

You can do it via the following steps:
1) add a database connection string to appsetting.json file
2) if at the first app start error doesn't appear - we have successfully connected the database.

Node JS Bundle

When we launch the site, it takes us to the pages* instead of login. I would like our users to login first before we redirect them to pages* area?

Yes, it is default behavior. Before entering any page you have to log in first. Depending on the role (admin or user) you will have different functionalities and UI but it works only for IoT and E-commerce bundles. Also, admin has a possibility to delete/add users, moreover, admin has a table with users. Check the video to resolve similar questions.

Could this node js package run on MySQL backend?

To run node js package on MySQL backend you need to develop repositories for MySQL and connect libraries. Here some useful links https://github.com/mysqljs/mysql, https://www.w3schools.com/nodejs/nodejs_mysql.asp.

https://github.com/akveo/ngx-admin-bundle-support/blob/master/codeSamples/node-nest/auth.controller.ts), I see there's features related to emailing. Will this also work?

No, the email would not be sent, just email text would be formed. You need realize this feature yourself.

Node JS Mongo Bundle

What kind of role management is included? Can I control what menu elements are seen, or what pages are served? And mongoDB CRUD functions by role

It depends on the user role. For example, , different UI is displayed for different users at the front-end. User role can not see the menu item in the sidebar, only admin can see it.
Also, there is middleware that checks the roles and depending on roles it calls different methods on the backend.

I noticed that the frontend is written with Typescript and not plain Javascript. i didn't catch that on the site, do you have the frontend version with plain Javascript?

Solution is to save as a date in mongodb by adding this in my service.
addMany(waitStat) {
// to tell mongodb to save as a date
waitStat.forEach((obj) => {
obj.checkDate = new Date(obj.checkDate);
return this.repository.addMany(waitStat);

How to attach and use mongodb? I would like to see how difficult that is
to change to 'require mssql', and the methods I use (SELECT...FROM...WHERE....ORDER BY...).
Basically, can I adapt the body of the REST CRUD to use MSSQL in stead of mongodb.

We should mention that there is a big difference in using MongoDB and MSSQL.
But, yes, you can overwrite your Node for using MSSQL with the help of this library
About the code example, please look here

Java Bundle

We tray to add a home page (acces withour logoin) but the pas dont display (infinit loading) also if we try to remov AuthGuard from pages, its the same thing , pages not show there are somthing we forgot to do that.

You need to create a separate module where your main page would be placed. Also, here you need to delete the string with can Activate.
After that, you can add this module to app-routing.module.

I need to hide the header in the stepper component. Do you know how this can be done easily?
- I tried with display:none on nb-stepper {header: {display: none) - did not work
- I also tried to extend the NbStepperComponent without much luck. - may be an overkill for what I am trying to do.
Basically, I don't want to show the navigation steps on top of the step contents.

This is what worked:
:host ::ng-deep nb-stepper .header {
display: none;